Defective US Drywall

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“We’ve gone through seven air conditioners in seven years–What is it doing to our health ? My son Harrison has lived here half his life,” said Brenda Brincku.
Brincku’s home is torn to shreds and her world is upside down.

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“We’re about to go into foreclosure–our life savings is gone,” said Brincku.

When appliance after appliance stopped working a few years ago–the Brincku’s thought they were another family who had a home built with defective Chinese drywall.

“There’s nothing else it could be we had all the same symptoms.
We found out later there is no Chinese drywall–it’s all American–219 boards of National Gypsum,” she said.

National Gypsum is company based in the United States.

“This is in it’s infancy stages–if it happened to us there are others it happened too,” said George Brincku.

Scientists and other agency’s have taken samples from almost every room to figure out what’s causing the corrosion..

One scientist working with the Brincku’s thinks the boards may be built with recycled material.
He also thinks reclaimed water could play a part in the problem.
WINK news called National Gypsum and they said “The family does have problems in their home but it is not the wall boards.”

Senator Dave Aronberg also made a stop at the Brincku’s Alva home. He’s calling for a state task force and a special session dedicated to defective drywall.

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